Who’s Coach Hansen?


I am fortunate to spend most of my time involved with subjects that I am fascinated about – Sport, Psychology, Inclusion and Stoicism.

Having served as a psychologist to athletes from juniors to Olympians, and being a National Coach himself, I am familiar with what performing under pressure is like, and understands that motivation on its own has little value. What’s critical would be the Mindset to bounce back stronger from inevitable setbacks, and to acquire the psychological skills to focus under pressure.


I am currently serving both as a Coach Developer and Performance & Mindset Coach to government and private organizations, NSAs and individuals.

My role as Coach Developer involves curriculum development and supporting coaches.

As a Performance & Mindset Coach, I help driven individual such as athletes, business leaders and sales professionals improve their performance and personal wellbeing.

Why this Blog?

One of my main motivations for this blog is to discuss with fellow coaches how we can integrate the intentional teaching of resilience and mental skills into our day-to-day coaching practices.

The blog also serves as a platform to share on topics related to developing and sustaining the mindset, skills and practices to be the best that we can be in business, sport, learning and life.

Relevant Qualifications & Experience:

  • Former Assistant Director for Coaching Development at the Singapore Sport Institute (SSI)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Physical Education)
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
  • Mental Game Coaching Professional (MGCP, USA)
  • RP-SSI Certificate in Athlete Life Coaching
  • International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) Coach Developer
  • International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Coach Educator
  • Recipient of the Singapore Disability Sports Coach Award 2019