About Coach Hansen


It has been a privilege to spend most of my life working in domains I am passionate about: Sport, Education, and Psychology, all of which are directly applicable to Coaching.

‘Dream the Impossible and Do what’s possible…’

The above quote summarizes my coaching philosophy, which is to help my clients and athletes succeed without compromising their wellbeing by teaching them to let go of outcomes and focus on what they can control.

My coaching approach has been described as Cognitive, Strength-based and Client-centred.

I believe that each individual has the wisdom to come up with his or her own solutions to overcome challenges and to achieve their goals. My coaching process is supported by evidence-based practices, and facilitated through good rapport and Socratic questioning.


I am currently serving in three coaching roles:

My role as a Coach Developer involves training and supporting sport coaches through curriculum development and mentorship. My area of focus is to help sport coaches integrate the teaching of psychological skills with their coaching practices.

As a Performance Mindset Coach, I bring my experience from coaching and performance psychology to help athletes and professionals develop resilience and to perform under pressure.

I am also coach to the national Goalball team. Goalball is a Paralympic team sport for the visually impaired. I have been recognized as a strong advocator for Inclusion and was the recipient of the Singapore Disability Sports Coach Award in 2019 and 2021.

Why this Blog?

One of my main motivations for this blog is to discuss with fellow coaches how we can integrate the intentional teaching of resilience and mental skills into our day-to-day coaching practices.

The blog also serves as a platform to share on topics related to developing and sustaining the mindset, skills and practices to be the best that we can be in business, sport, learning and life.