The $1 Investment

You probably have an ambitious goal.

Like any worthwhile goal, it’s often complex with a series of problems to be solved.

And of course, challenges are going to be inevitable and resources are likely to be limited.

It’s stressful to even think about where and how you should start, and if it is even possible or worthwhile to achieve this goal. Speaking from personal experience, I sometimes get so overwhelmed and I would give up before I even got started.

So what could be a possible solution?

Here’s a simple thought exercise that I’ve discovered. It has helped me to break down and simplify things. Perhaps it might work for you too.

I call it the $1 Investment and I created these 3 steps to make the method seem more legitimate 😉

Step 1:

Hold your goal in your mind and list down all the different tasks and problems that need to solve in order for you to achieve this goal.

Step 2:

Imagine that each task requires an investment of $1 and you ONLY have a dollar to invest!

Ask yourself,

“Which task would bring about the most returns?”

“Which is that one main problem that if I could solve, will result in other related or subsidiary issues being resolved as well?”

“It is possible to be busy-very busy-without being very effective.”

Stephen Covey

Step 3:

Invest that $1 in the most generative option, and repeat the process again once you have taken action to solve the problem.

Have a go!

Coach Hansen

Effective Action or Procrastination?

When does having another discussion, review or even studying for another certification become another form of procrastination?

By all means, plan and equip yourself with the necessary ‘know how’,

But to what end?

Has your investment in time and money brought you any closer to your goal?

Are you taking effective action OR, are you simply doing your utmost to remain stuck in your comfort zone?

Coach Hansen

PS…Could writing this be my own form of procrastination?

Est Quod Est


My definition of Est Quod Est…

To view the person and/or circumstance as it is.

There is no such thing as a bad person or bad circumstance, everything’s perfect and advancing to becoming complete.

We can’t directly change someone or something (and we shouldn’t). Ultimately, we can only change our own perspective and approach, and through that process, MAYBE the person or circumstance might change…

How many curve balls can life throw at once?

It’s been a rough last couple of weeks and while curveballs are inevitable in life, I’m not certain if we can really get used to it.

What I’m certain though, is that the better we are at seeing the world as it is, the better we will be able to recognise what’s within our control and what’s not, and the better we will feel about ourselves and the world around us…

It is as it is…

Coach Hansen