Rest like the Best!

To improve performance, you are likely to apply some sort of challenge to “stress” yourself physically and psychologically, followed by a period of recovery and rest.

Too much stress without enough rest and you get injured, sick, and burnout. Meanwhile, training that is too easy and too much rest leads to complacency, boredom, and stagnation.

Authors of Peak Performance – Brad Strudel and Steve Magness found one thing in common with the most successful and enduring performers in sport and other domains: they oscillate between periods of stress and rest.

Stress + Recovery = Growth.


This is a simple, but not necessarily easy equation to follow. For a start, many athletes are very intentional when planning for training but regard recovery (especially psychological recovery) as a good to have, rather than a priority. This is especially so when they are under pressure to perform.

As ironic as it sounds, recovery happens when we stop paying attention to our goals. Taking a break is not intuitive especially when we are under pressure but that’s when we MUST step away (and step back in thereafter).

So, what can we do to help ourselves recover both physically and psychologically?

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Train to Trust, Trust in Train

“Mastery is achieved through deliberate practice…”

The quote holds true not just in sports, but also in most fields of human endeavor.

Indeed, expertise requires deliberate practice. This means being intentional about assessing and improving both the tactical and technical aspects of your game.

But did you know that the same mindset that steers your practice could actually limit your performance?

There are different demands on you when you practice, and when you perform. Your goals are different.

Hence, your Mindset needs to be different too.

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To Think or NOT to Think…

“There should be NO thinking when fighting…” That’s the reminder my Judo coach Gerard Lim often repeats to us.

“What does ‘No thinking’ really mean?”

“Is it possible to ‘not think’ when you are fighting, or when competing in any sport for that matter?”

Coach Gerard in Action
Picture Courtesy of Jagsport

Many coaches can intuitively relate to what Coach Gerard is referring to – the Performance Mindset, where our athletes fully trust their abilities and simply react rather than over-think.

However, although we are able to relate to the Performance Mindset, we might not necessarily be doing enough to help our athletes foster this mindset.

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