Time to practice what we preach

Many of us are now stuck at home and some without income. Of course we prefer things to be different. Well they aren’t. Instead of feeling helpless, how can we turn this around?

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” –Epictetus

You’re not going to find direct answers to the question here but, you might be able to turn this into an opportunity for growth if you spend some time reflecting on what sports coaching has taught us and what we have been teaching our athletes

  • How have we been teaching our athletes to be resilient and to never give up? Perhaps it’s time for us to heed our own advice?
  • We modify constraints during practice to help athletes develop strategic skills that would otherwise be dormant under normal circumstances. So what are some of the attributes and skills that we can develop under the constraints that seem to be piling up by the day? How are we making best use of our time?
  • We train our athletes to focus on the process to improve their focus on confidence. What are we focusing on right now? On tasks that matter and that are within our control? Or, are we feeling helpless because we are constantly worrying about what’s beyond our control?

venn diagram

The obstacles the way! Let’s apply the coaching theories in the game of life and practice what we preach!

p.s. looking forward to hearing from you – what else has coaching sports taught you that can be applicable to the constraints brought about by C-19.

Coach Hansen

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