Focus vs. Thinking

Achieving a high level of athletic performance or a business goal involves the progressive completion of smaller tasks over time.

Specifically, when achievement is reduced to the smallest common denominator, it consists of the successful completion of each of these tasks.

If we could better focus on the completion of each task, we are more likely to achieve our goals in the minimum amount of time.

What often limits us from tackling each task efficiently is our inability to differentiate Focus from Thinking.

Thinking is related to Expectations. It limits our ability to focus and our performance. It results in anxiety and procrastination, and the loss of motivation and confidence.

Focus vs. Thinking

So how can we Focus more and Think less?

It is NOT possible to exclude thinking but we can learn how to refocus when our mind wanders off.

This requires practice and we can start by reflecting on these questions a few times a day.

“Am I feeling composed OR anxious?”
“Am I focused on doing what’s important now, OR is my mind wandering off to the outcome?”
“Am I focused on what is within my control, OR worried about what is out of my control?”

Over time, we will develop better awareness about our thoughts and emotions.

We will be more engaged in behaviors consistent with our goals.

Our performance and/or income will also increase as we become more efficient at completing one small task at a time.

Coach Hansen

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