Year End Reflection

As the year ends, we tend to be reflective and often spend time absorbing the good and bad moments that shaped us along the way.

It is a great time for us to reflect on the opportunities and challenges we faced in 2021 and consider how we can make the next year better.

“A lesson will repeat itself until learned…”


However, reflection and planning can be a difficult process.

For some of us, we may simply be unsure where to begin while some of us may feel anxious and overwhelmed by what ifs, especially during these times of uncertainty.

“What if my efforts are going down the drain again?”

“What if the pandemic takes a turn for the worse again?”

“What if I am deemed a failure if my plans do not work out?”

These thoughts relate to events that are beyond our direct control and focusing on what we cannot control limits our confidence and leaves us feeling helpless and anxious.

To escape these feelings, we may end up avoiding reflection and planning altogether which is certainly not ideal.

So, the question remains: what can we say or do to empower ourselves in the face of this predicament? 

Well, I believe the first step starts with shifting our thoughts towards what is within our control. THIS allows us to feel more confident, at ease and empowered.

“You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

Marcus Aurelius

I have put together a few simple questions to help us with this as we peer into the mirror of 2021 and plan ahead for the next…

  1. “What was I grateful for in the past year and what challenges did I overcome?”
  2. “What mistakes did I make? What could I have done differently?”
  3. “What did I learn this year that would help me in the next?”
  4. “What is the single biggest goal that I have for next year?”
  5. “How much time and effort will I invest to reach this goal?”
  6. “What can I say or do to help myself in face of the inevitable challenges (that comes with any worthy goal)?”

You can also make this a fun, reflective family/friend discussion by downloading a free template here to help you with this exercise.

May you approach 2022 with intention and presence…

Coach Hansen

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