“The whole is OTHER than the sum of the parts…”


Why are we so proud of coming up with systems, plans and structures blah blah blah?

Am I undermining persons (including myself) who are great at planning and systematizing? Well, Yes and No…

It is a necessary process BUT, almost anyone can design some sort of systems (you can even pay an e-lancer from India or China to sick-sigma almost any process for you). And if you allow yourself to be boxed in and be directed by these systems, chances are that you are very likely to end up being a very good product (aligned with the desired outcomes blah blah blah) of this system.

Very good is relative, and when you have lots of ‘very goods’, what was once ‘very good’ becomes the norm. It is neither interesting, of value nor remarkable!

whole is other than the sum of the parts

What has this got to do with Sport?

There are thousands of technically sound sportsmen who are the products of a highly structured system of training, yet few of them turn out to be Maradonas (soccer), Muhammad Alis (Boxing), Zantarias (Judo), Shaq O’Neals (BBall), Sakurabas (MMA) and Saenchais (MT)  – athletes who have flair, are interesting and remarkable!

So how do we develop flair and how do we coach “flair”? You go figure out on your own lah…

Clue: Systems that are obsessed with micro-managing in order to test and measure every damn thing are not gonna work.

Coach Hansen