7 Reminders from ‘The Little Prince’

Life, relationships, looking beyond the surface, our responsibility towards each other, and the futility of adult behavior are themes explored in this story.

players are people first not athletes stats

I’ve read the book a few times and early this year, had the opportunity to visit ‘The Little Prince: The Story Behind’ – an exhibition celebrating the 75th anniversary of the publication.

Revisiting the story and the quotes during the exhibition was a good reminder for me about what really matters in life, and not to be “misguided” by the folly of adulthood.

All pictures here are taken from the exhibition at the Singapore Philatelic Museum.


  1. That it’s more important to live for a cause rather than to be driven by social status or to seek admiration from others.fox wisdom
  2. That it requires patience and time to build relationships (tame each other), in order to “see what is essentially invisible to the eyes”. Hence the importance of spending time with people that matters, and not be too quick to judge others without first investing time to get to know them.
  3. That being too serious about everything and constantly repressing your feelings will cost you everything that is important! None of us are gonna get out of this shit alive…so chill lah…serious
  4. That our self-concept aka “Who Am I?” should NOT revolve around what and how much we own, our jobs nor our social status. We are more than that, and so is everyone else! And it’s ok to not necessarily know who you are!
  5. That Yes, we should first take care of ourselves (without being too self-obsessed and narcissist), but it is through service to others that we begin to experience the connection with the rest of humanity.
    take care of yourself first
  6. That we shouldn’t be like practical adults who are concerned only about the destination – always rushing to reach and arrive somewhere, and have forgotten how to enjoy the journey. It’s almost as if we have forgotten to live and are in a hurry to die (since death is our final destination).the-little-prince-sumawayzausatornosuaybaguio-iv8-beed-38-638
  7. That it’s sometimes ok to not really know nor understand where I am heading nor why I am doing something – we should follow our instincts to explore!

And finally, how does story of The Little Prince relate to coaching? Well, if you’re a coach, you’ll know 😉

Coach Hansen


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